The Town of Colorado City held the primary election for four Council seats on August 2nd, 2022.  The results are as follows:

The total number of ballots cast at said primary election as shown by the Mohave County official results was 246.

The votes cast for the candidates for Councilmember in order from highest to lowest for the four-year term ending in 2026:

Candidate NameVotes
Dalton Barlow171
Howard Ream146
Alma Hammon134
John Chatwin130
Joanne Shapley124
R. Ilene Timpson116
Emilee Knudson88
Paul R. Holm74

The result of the election is that the candidates for the seats received more than 50% of the votes cast at the election.

The formula for determining the 50% threshold is set forth in ARS 9-821-01 and it states that the total votes cast divided by the number of seats to be filled divided by 2.  Total votes cast 984 divided by 4 equals 246 divided by 2 equals 123 rounded to the next whole number.

ARS 9-821-01 also states that if more candidates receive a majority than there are offices to be filled, the candidates receiving the highest number of votes equal to the number of seats to be filled shall be declared elected.

A note of interest:  in 2018 there were 327 ballots cast.  In 2020 there were 203 ballots cast.

Campaign Finance Reporting

Note: A candidate for Town Council is only required to register as a committee and file campaign finance reports if they have received contributions or made expenditures or a combination of the two of $500.00 or more during the election cycle.  

All active committees are required to file periodic reports even if there was no activity during the reporting period.