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About Colorado City

The Town of Colorado City is located in the Short Creek valley which straddles the Utah/Arizona border. Short Creek is named after a sandy wash that leads out of the canyons in Utah and crosses the state line into Arizona. Short Creek has been known as a stopping point for pioneer travelers since the mid 1800’s. On April 2, 1866, Robert Berry, his wife Isabelle and his brother Joseph were killed by Indians at Short Creek near a prominent landmark which is appropriately named Berry Knoll.

Cattle ranchers operated in the Short Creek valley during the 1800’s. The first known settler was a man named William B. Maxwell who built a ranch house and lived here for an unknown length of time. Maxwell Canyon is named after William Maxwell.

Jacob M. Lauritzen and Will Rust came to Short Creek around 1908 with the intention of colonizing the area. They worked together to develop water from the canyons. In 1912 they moved their families to Short Creek. Around this same time, Orlin F. Colvin and Isaac Carling began homesteading in Short Creek. A few years later the Black family moved to Short Creek.

It was difficult to raise crops and make a living in Short Creek during those early days, but the pioneers of Short Creek persisted, carved out an existence in the desert and tamed the sand. The settlement grew into a small community during the 1930’s and 40’s with families seeking refuge from religious persecution. Colorado City residents today are largely the descendants of those early pioneers.

The Town of Colorado City is located in Mohave County. Mohave County was created in 1864 and the County seat is located in Kingman. The Town of Colorado City was incorporated in September of 1985 by the residents of the community to provide local self-government and basic services. The Short Creek valley consists of Colorado City, the City of Hildale, Utah and unincorporated areas of Mohave County. The region today is home to nearly 10,000 people. The Town of Colorado City is pleased to provide information on this website to educate and inform the citizens of the community whom we serve.